…to the creative world of Mel Chambers. 

Within these pages you will discover the three main aspects of her work, each one inspired by the magical world around and within us. 

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alchemy tiles

Individually hand carved encaustic, inlaid tiles with inspiring poetry, quotes and images using ancient 13th Century techniques held eternally in earth and time.

animal spirit

Close up detailed animal portrait paintings in gouache capturing their soul through their eyes.

fire & alchemy

A beautiful collection of sculptures mainly using the ancient technique of Raku Firing.

The satisfaction comes through the use of every part of oneself, hand and eye, brain and intuition, and through being always in contact with natural materials and the power of earth, air, fire and water. ... It is, in fact, a voyage of discovery into the very heart of things. How lucky we are.
— Marianne de Trey, Dartington ceramicist