Mel is business partner to Richenda Macgregor and also Operations and Marketing Director at Studio 45.

Studio 45 is a privately run busy hub and interactive learning space for potters and ceramicists. It is based on the Dartington Estate in Devon.

It is an open-plan learning environment where members and students alike have access to pottery wheels, kilns and equipment as well as technical know-how. 

We provide weekly classes in ceramics from beginners to advanced level and specialist weekend workshops including glaze technology, low impact firing, women making big pots, Raku Firing and kiln building.  We also offer low cost courses for special interest groups and low-income individuals.

Each person comes into this world with a specific destiny
You have something to fulfill, some message to be delivered, some work to be completed.
You are not here accidentally—you are here meaningfully.
There is a purpose behind you.
The whole intends to do something through you.
— Unknown